Route Info
Odda – Trolltunga

See timetable, map and descriptions of the all the bus stops from Odda to Trolltunga (Skjeggedal, P2), the main starting point for Trolltunga hikes.


Odda CampingStop A: Trolltunga Camping

Trolltunga Camping is located in scenic surroundings.

Pick up point is at the entrance to the popular campground.

Vikinghaug ApartmentsStop B: Jordalsvegen

(west side of the river)

Pick up point is at the bus stop in Jordalsvegen

Near Vikinghaug apartments and Trolltunga Hotel

Vikinghaug is an accommodation located in a well maintained historic building.


Odda HospitalStop C:  Eidesdalen

Pick up point is at the bus stop on the east side, by National Road 13.

Near Hospital

Odda Bus TerminalStop D: Odda Bus Terminal

Odda Bus Terminal is a 2 minutes walk from Hardanger Hotel, in the center of Odda.

Pick up point is in front of the café.



Trolltunga StudiosStop E: Freim/Ragde

Pick up point is at the bus stop on the east side, by National Road 13

Near trolltunga Studios

Tyssedal Bus StopStop F: Tyssedal Bus Stop

Located just off the grocery store in lower Tyssedal and near  Tyssedal Hotel.

Stop G: Skjeggedalsvegen

 Pick up point is at opposite side of the bus shed in Skjeggedalsvegen on the way up. 

Near   Trolltunga Guesthouse    Read more here.

Tyssohallen (P1)Stop H: Tyssohallen

Large parking, which is 5.2 km to Skjeggedal P2. This is a demanding route, even for experienced hikers. Short distance to LILLETOPP.

Starting Point, Trolltunga (P2)Stop I: Skjeggedal

The main starting point for your hike to Trolltunga. Guided tours also start here. It is possible to get transport to P3.

Read more here.



The return ticket is valid for all return times.                                  
( Return Route 19.15: From June 14. to August 31. No booking for this route. )
Delays may occur.

Dog:  NOK 50  (pay in bus)
Bus Stops Route P012           Timetable 2024, May 23rd – Sept 22th
Trolltunga Camping 05:45 07:00      
Jordalsvegen 05:46 07:01      
Eidesdalen 05:47 07:02      
Odda Bus Terminal 05:55 07:10   14.15 15.45
Freim/Ragde 05:57 07:12   14:17 15:47
Tyssedal Bus Stop 06:03 07:18   14:23 15:53 
Skjeggedalsvegen 06:04 07:19   14:24 15:54
Tyssohallen 06:05 07:20 08:00 14:25 15:55
06:15 07:30 08:10 14:35 16:05
Return from Skjeggedal 15.00 16.30 18.00 (19.15)  
Estimated arrival Odda 15:30 17:00 18:30 19:45